Dear Miracle

Setting free the beautiful truth inside.

A Woman of Many Names



I am a woman of many names.

A life’s collection, in fact,

tried on in dressing rooms of elation,

false starts and infatuations, premises

designed for the backs of others.

Trying things on in ideas or people, in places I’ve been.

Discerning what fits or not, what’s priced too high,

beside what rings genuinely so

in the clear bell of my soul.

Some names remain—names I wear still.

Some interchangeable, suited well.

A collection of ideas coalesced, a coupler of connecting notes,

the jarring timpani, the repetitive litany, the well-choreographed song;

and you must know

life has come down to this in these years of gold—

I’m still the same girl I came here for.

Notes off key now and then, I was never lost, always known,

the soul of which knew well where I need to go.

It has come down to here and now, stronger for the places I’ve been,

I’m a full playing orchestra not done until the fat lady sings in clothes that fit,

with trails to be walked upon, and dreams that resound loud and strong

inside the clear ringing bell of my soul.


© 2014 S. Wolfington

Author: DearMiracle

The hardest thing you will ever do is tell yourself the truth. This is about that. Vulnerability, becoming comfortable with ambiguity and answers that don't always arrive when we think they should. Living in that liminal space, a threshold of not always knowing becomes a sweet spot, a place of opening again and again.

6 thoughts on “A Woman of Many Names

  1. This is really lovely, a well crafted poem. You have some strong diction going.

    “A collection of ideas coalesced, a coupler of connecting notes”

    What do you think of ideas that coalesce?

    Active voice usu. stronger, more crisp.


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  2. Be it a bell or full orchestra, your soul rings true within your lifes events. A choregraphed song of many tunes till the tunes fade one day after drawing a final breath.


  3. Thank you, dear sweet friend! You are so supportive, and I really appreciative of that!


  4. Thank you, dear sweet friend! You have such a beautiful and supportive soul, and I really appreciate that about you!


  5. Sing on, Singularly Strong, Sweet Soul!


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