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Dying Seasons


Something I wrote a few years back. This life all around me faithful to provide carefully positioned sentinels that stand at the gate against any misery that would seek to make a permanent address inside me–a reminder of where my true north lies, a pointer home saying “This way to your heart”. 


Driving down the street the other day,

I detected that fall had had her way—

and under freshly shorn trees were luminous

yellow-gold pools where sunshine had accumulated

—a riotous cornucopia of puddled sunshine in

brief reprieve between darkening days,

like some kind of joy

suddenly rising up to greet me in the dying leaves.

It left me happy for days.


My life has it dying seasons, as well.

Yet the art of dying often leaves me wanting,

absent without poise or polish.

futile attempts made at scooping up decay

of that which needs to die, staring, bare

limbed, at loss, shivering in the wind.

If there is joy-filled reprieve, I often fail to notice it.


This letting go business—I’m not as graceful

as the golden dying leaves.

But what I’m counting on is that spring

always comes and old attitudes, beliefs and judgments

about how life is supposed to be

serve as perfect compost for my re-creation.


S. Wolfington

Author: DearMiracle

The hardest thing you will ever do is tell yourself the truth. This is about that. Vulnerability, becoming comfortable with ambiguity and answers that don't always arrive when we think they should. Living in that liminal space, a threshold of not always knowing becomes a sweet spot, a place of opening again and again.

4 thoughts on “Dying Seasons

  1. This is, quite simply … beautiful. I don’t know where you live but here in Toowoomba, Australia, the autumn leaves are now brown and crushed beneath our feet as we walk. The deciduous trees are waiting for their new spring attire. For me, autumn is the most glorious month and I love the way you’ve expressed your own relationship with ‘death’ and ‘life’.

    I just tried to approve a lovely comment you left on my blog but Akismet has apparently removed it!!! Good heavens. WordPress surprises me a times. I’ve been unwell for a couple of days and boom! Your words are gone, lol. But I wanted to thank yo so much for your belief in my writing and your enthusiasm for my subject. It means a great deal to me. I love you work also … and hope to read much more.

    Take care,


    • Hi, Melinda! I am so frustrated! I just wrote you a long reply after excitedly discovering your comment and was about to send it when it all suddenly went away! Grrr…! What is up with this system? ha! I sure understand about the disappearing act here. It won’t allow me to “like” anyone’s blog posts either, and I haven’t figured out how to fix that.

      I was so happy to find your comment in response. It feels to me like we are in possession of a kindred writing souls, and I suspect we would have much to talk about if we were to sit down with a cup of tea. That’s why I was so happy when I discovered your blog. It actually made me bust out laughing a couple of times. You are a delight to read! And a natural, too!

      I live in the Pacific Northwest United States. It is a beautiful little corner of the world and partly within a rainforest where I live. We of the great PNW (Pacific Northwest) are always chasing the sun here every time he sticks his head out of the clouds–I’m sure just to mess with our heads and tease us a bit. It seems we have approximately 9 months of rain every year. We are in our summer now after a brutal 65 inches of rain since last October, normal being 16. We set a record. Our 4 seasons go like this: Almost winter, winter, still winter and road constructions season (where they fix all the potholes from the winter!). ha ha! However, I love our dying seasons, just before the gods open the flood gates on us! I am like a mad woman driving down the streets, mouth agape at the brilliance of color all around me, swerving to the side of the road when I spy a particularly arranged beauty. Who rudely interrupts my travel, yelling STOP while I grab my camera, while she poses this way and that, complaining we haven’t got all year for me to photograph her, and would I please hurry up before she is forced to immodestly drop all her clothes? Clothes that are already beginning to be drop about her feet!

      Our living seasons are a sight to also behold, uprising in fat fisted pinks and whites lining the streets and covering the hills. Sign carrying trees announcing “stop here” and “this way to beautiful” as you walk along towards your appointed task and minding your own business, which usually doesn’t work out so well. This is because, Without warning, one of them will reach out and slap you about the head with their pink little fists. I think I wrote a poem about that in my blog somewhere, too, if you can find it. It was dated in the spring of 2015, March, I think, if you go to look for it.

      In any event, I almost feel like a cup of tea is what is missing here. It is morning and we are in the beginning throes of our glorious summer where the sun shows itself for real. I am happy to be alive, but hope one day soon to cross Australia and New Zealand off my bucket list of the places I want to travel to…after I pay off my last trip which was Hawaii. ha! So fun to sit here and chat before I begin my day in earnest! Thanks, Melinda! Look forward to reading more of your work!


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      • Well, my goodness, I just found this message from you now. And only because I clicked on a memory from my facebook page where I shared a post from you! It was ‘Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: the Implicit Oppression of Women!!! I’m going to re-share it on fb because I agree with every word written. As you’ve already noted, we really are kindred spirits.

        It’s a rare thing to find anyone who’s courageous enough to address this issue and yet it’s destroying the lives of a majority of women the world over…and it’s only getting worse. Lately, I’ve been hating just to leave my own home because I’m tired of being confronted with endless images of ‘perfection’, and scantily clad perfection at that. Not only are they thrust before my unwilling eyes but they are also thrust before the eyes of my daughters and grandchildren. I find it particularly humiliating when I am out and about with the man in my life. One minute I feel great and the next I feel inadequate, insecure, strangely violated and just plain miserable – and he’s one of the few good guys in the world who truly understands and does his best to protect me from such things.

        And a trip to the movies is a traumatic experience for me; there is a tie-in between the endless sex scenes and objectification of women and my own history of sexual abuse. It triggers a trauma reaction that is incredibly intense and lasts for days. It’s about time the media was held accountable.

        Welcome aboard, fellow warrior! And your description of your home country and climate was positively edible. 🙂 I felt I could taste it – along with that cup of tea. I hope you make it to Oz. I’ll show you around my part of the world. Thanks so much for sharing so much with me and for inspiring me to keep up my blog. I have a chronic illness that is very painful and debilitating so it’s often very difficult to get these brain cells firing on all four cylinders. Your encouragement spurs me on. 🙂 Cheers for now. I’ll let you know a little more about my own part of the earth soon. If you’d like my email address, it’s xo


        • Hi Melinda! I was so excited to open my email and see that you had responded to my response. I would like to write more in little bit as I’m rushing out the door right now. But I do look forward to chatting with you more and I think I will take you up on your email. I think we have lots to talk about!

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