Dear Miracle

Setting free the beautiful truth inside.

Like This When the Telephone Rings


I wrote this a short while ago, just before the Boston Marathon Bombing, not knowing exactly why or what it was for–it was what came through, what wrote itself.


There is no knocking,

this dark stranger of disbelief, of incivility

who, without warning, arrives

at your door, shouldering past, coming in.

Some wild force of nature, a hammer—

you never could have predicted (although there were signs),

you crumble.

And everything gives at once—porch chimes,

trash cans, the roof, your life,

what’s not nailed down.

A wild plethora of Dogwood petals in pink set free,

fly past, slam to the ground.

A grief presaged

in blossoms

unleashed, their splendor still intact

in the rubble of what’s left.

Grace and grief together, an annihilation,

yet to be understood.

Loss can come at you like this when

the telephone rings.

 © 2013  ~  S. Wolfington

Author: DearMiracle

The hardest thing you will ever do is tell yourself the truth. This is about that. Vulnerability, becoming comfortable with ambiguity and answers that don't always arrive when we think they should. Living in that liminal space, a threshold of not always knowing becomes a sweet spot, a place of opening again and again.

7 thoughts on “Like This When the Telephone Rings

  1. Very powerful…


  2. Who knows what it exactly was? When I was writing it, I wasn’t consciously thinking of anything personal or impersonal. There was no emotion attached. And as writing goes, I am not always in control of where it goes as it often takes on a totally different life than what I had originally planned when I first sat down to write. I do know that things come out or are revealed sometimes that absolutely surprise me, and afterward, I will think, “Where did that come from and who exactly wrote it?” I always say that ideas come to the willing, and if you are not willing to carry it, it will move on to somewhere else who is.


  3. Was it a premonition or ESP, in which the context of the story unfolded in your head? Good Job


  4. beautiful Susan,
    is it about Boston?


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