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4 thoughts on “Sailing the Shores of Oahu

  1. Yay!! I love this photo, too, and feel so lucky to have been there to capture it just at the right moment. And I did nothing to change or edit the photo.


  2. I’m making this my screen saver!!


  3. ilove hawaii i was able to spend the month of march there i hiked diamond head twice loved chinatown the masaladas /filled donuts made to order/from leanords bakery wonderful/kokos buffet at hale koa very good/performers at luoagood and entertaining/pearl harbor tour great/i got a bus pass for the month so i saw alot of the island i wiill return/ coming back to n.h reality set in fast the company i work for genesis elder care sold the food services divisionto another company all kinds of paperwork to do snowstorm to deal with /i just might sell my house / and move there 80 to 85 and warm trade windsyear round appeal to me


    • Hi, Steve! Good to hear from you! Didn’t realize you were there the whole month. Wish I could have been, too. You got to do a lot more that way, and I meant to make it to Leonard’s for one of those things and didn’t. Wanted to hike Diamond Head, too. Next year were talking about Maui. Too bad we couldn’t have talked a bit more, like at breakfast at Kokos when we ran into each other, but I was surrounded with my traveling peeps. I love that buffet.

      I know what you mean about coming home. Winter has been never ending. I feel sorry for you with the snow. The rain here is bad enough, but we did get lots of snow and ice this winter. It’s been a brutal winter and I can hardly wait for summer.I don’t blame you for wanting to pack it up and move back there. And why not? We get to make our lives up as we go!

      By the way, you can find on Facebook under both names, if you come to Portland for any reason, let me know.

      Mahalo, Susie/Shoshana


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